Our Philosophy

Expert Care & Service—The Wright Way

Just Wright Dental has a philosophy of expert care and service. 

Our philosophy centers on five crucial steps that ensure your dental treatment is tailored specifically to you. It’s largely what sets us apart from your average dental clinic.

Step 1: Discovery

Not every dental treatment is for everyone. Therefore, the first step to your exceptional dental care is to discover exactly why you need dental treatment rather than merely focusing on how to patch a problem. Our joy is in treating individuals, and the discovery step allows us to get to know you as a person and learn the specifics of your dental health. Using advanced 3D imaging, Dr. Wright can capture a clear, detailed image to help create an accurate, highly customized treatment plan.

But, what if you’ve invested your time, resources, and smile into dental work that hasn’t yielded the results you expected? Dr. Wright repairs orthodontic, oral surgery, and other dental cases gone wrong. We also treat post-cancer and post-drug patients.

Step 2: Planning

Digital X-rays, 3D imaging, and more help Dr. Wright analyze and discuss your dental health so that you can choose a treatment plan together. The goal of the planning stage is to develop a plan that doesn’t just address an issue, but also helps to rebuild, restore, support, and improve your natural teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Whether you need general, cosmetic, or restorative treatment, or you’ve lost teeth and require one or more dental implants, Dr. Wright will ensure that you play a significant role in planning your treatment.

We have the pleasure of working with patients all over the country. In fact, patients routinely fly in to see us for treatment. We are the expert when it comes to delivering unparalleled dental care in very few appointments and are experienced in arranging transportation and lodging accommodations for our out-of-town patients. We’re here to help make your appointment as easy as possible!

Step 3: Removal

Oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease are progressive. if the infected tooth structure or tissue isn’t removed, then the condition will spread, rendering any treatment a failure. Therefore, the third step of our treatment philosophy is the removal of any compromised tooth structure or oral tissues before restoring your smile. Then, you and Dr. Wright can choose the right biocompatible material to rebuild the compromised areas of your smile.

Step 4: Renewal

After cleaning your oral cavity and preparing teeth (if necessary), Dr. Wright can place a temporary restoration to protect your smile while your custom-made permanent one is being crafted. Our advanced imaging equipment allows us to capture highly accurate measurements to ensure that your restoration fits comfortably and securely. Every crown, veneer, inlay, onlay, and other restoration is hand-crafted by a skilled technician at a trusted dental lab and made from biocompatible materials, such as lifelike dental porcelain.

Step 5: Rejuvenation

Dental problems are caused by many issues, including life choices like smoking or treatment for chronic diseases, like cancer. We work closely with you to maintain your standard of excellent dental health even in the midst of chemotherapy and other medical conditions. This includes regular checkups and cleanings as often as Dr. Wright recommends, as well as improved methods of daily hygiene at home, and advanced methods of analysis and treatment. Our mission isn’t just to treat your smile, but to help you enjoy the confidence of having a healthy, beautiful, and natural smile for life!