Our Philosophy

Expert Care & Service—The Wright Way

Just Wright Dental has a philosophy of expert care and service.

Just Wright Dental practices a philosophy of excellence in every stage of your dental journey. Our philosophy builds on five crucial steps that ensure your treatment is tailored specifically to you. Our personalized, high-level approach sets us apart from the average dental office.

Step 1: Discovery

The first step in charting a course is to discover your current condition and how it relates to your overall health. We love treating individuals, and the discovery step allows us to get to know you, the specifics of your condition, and your vision for your dental health. Using advanced 3D imaging, Dr. Wright captures clear, detailed images to help create an accurate, customized treatment plan that fits you.

What if you've already invested your time, resources, and smile into dentistry that hasn't yielded the results you expected? Dr. Wright remedies orthodontic, oral surgery, and other cases that haven't turned outright. We also offer expertise in caring for post-cancer and post-drug addiction patients.

Step 2: Planning

Digital X-rays, 3D imaging, and other innovative methods provide Dr. Wright with the vital information needed to form a treatment plan together. Our goal is to help you create a blueprint that rebuilds, supports, and improves your natural teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Whether we're bringing back your chewing function with dental implants or revealing a brilliant new smile, Dr. Wright will ensure that you play a significant role in planning your treatment.

We're humbled that patients choose to visit us from all over the country. Patients routinely fly into Dallas for treatment in our practice. We're efficient at delivering unparalleled dental care in very few appointments. We also offer luxury transportation and lodging accommodations for our out-of-town patients. We're here to help make exceptional dentistry as easy as possible!

Step 3: Removal

Many oral health conditions, like tooth decay and gum disease, progress over time, and detract from general health. If infected tooth structure or inflamed tissue isn't removed, complications can develop. Before restoring your smile, Dr. Wright makes sure your mouth is free of disease, and you have a solid foundation for long-term dental health.

Step 4: Renewal

After your mouth health is stable, Dr. Wright performs the actions to prepare your mouth for beautiful new teeth. If you're anxious about treatment, you're in the right place. We offer advanced sedation options with the training and experience to back it up. You benefit from modern imaging equipment that allows us to capture precise 3D measurements of your teeth. Every custom piece made for you is hand-crafted by a skilled technician at a trusted dental lab using bio-compatible materials for years of reliable use.

Step 5: Rejuvenation

Dental problems result from a host of factors including tobacco use, diet, genetics, or inconsistent homecare habits. Chronic diseases, like cancer or diabetes, can also create obstacles to oral wellness. Regardless of the challenges you face, we're here to help you maintain optimal dental health. A personalized plan might include regular checkups and cleanings, special rinses, homecare tools, and prescription toothpaste. With the right approach, a healthy, disease-free mouth is within reach of everyone. Our mission isn't just to improve your smile: We're here to help you enjoy a higher quality of life and wellbeing!