Just Wright Dental provides implant placement. 

The goal of dental implants is to recreate the root system that supports your natural teeth, giving your replacement teeth the same comfort and stability. Therefore, placing dental implants is a delicate and highly detailed process. First, Dr. Wright will capture comprehensive 3D images of your teeth, jawbone, and oral structures to gain a clear picture of your oral health. Then, he will create a precise surgical guide that will ensure each implant post is positioned properly to absorb a maximum amount of bite pressure. When biocompatible titanium implants are inserted, the jawbone fuses to the posts as it heals, making implants a permanent part of your oral anatomy. After healing, Dr. Wright can attach connective abutments and your permanent crown, bridge, partial, or full denture.


The number of implants you receive and the type of restoration they support depends on how many teeth you’ve lost. If you’re only missing one tooth, then a single implant and dental crown will suffice to replace it. Supporting a bridge to replace two or more teeth will require two implant posts at either side of the bridge. Patients who require complete dentures may benefit from All-On-4® Implants, which only require four implant posts to support the denture.