Implant Dentistry

Experience the life changing benefits of dental implants at Just Wright Dental

Just Wright Dental provides implant dentistry services.

The highest quality dental restorations are those that most closely mimic your natural teeth, especially when it comes to replacement teeth. With dental implants, your prosthesis will resemble not only the appearance of natural teeth, but also the stability and support that your natural roots provide.

By replacing the lost roots of your teeth, implants can help sustain the strength and density of your jawbone by stimulating a healthy flow of nutrients when you bite and chew. This helps prevent jawbone deterioration following the loss of the roots which can then lead to further tooth loss in the future.

To ensure the highest standard of implant dentistry treatment, Dr. Wright performs every stage of the dental implant process at our Surgery and Implant Center. Rather than visiting several different offices throughout the course of your treatment, you’ll undergo dental implant placement, restoration, and maintenance all in one location.

All-In-One Surgical Center For your convenience and comfort including:

  • Comprehensive Treatment planning

  • Dimensional Imaging of your teeth and Jaw

  • Development of a precise surgical guide to ensure proper positioning of implants

  • Sedation administration to ensure your comfort

  • Anesthesiologist to closely monitor your status

  • Removal of un-healthy teeth in preparation for implant placement

  • Precise placement of new dental implants

  • Design and creation of natural looking prosthetic teeth

  • Guidance and support throughout the entire process.